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  • Tim Kastle

Attracting Top Talent During COVID-19

To say many businesses are having a hard time right now would be an understatement. Companies of all sizes are finding themselves hanging on by a thread trying to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

The reality of our current situation is that many businesses won’t be able to weather this storm of mandated closures. They have made the hard decision to scale back or downsize their staff permanently which has led to the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression.

However, there are businesses on the other side of the spectrum that are the ultimate exception to this trend. They are not laying anyone off due to slow business, and in addition, they are searching to fill positions to support the increase in demand. Some examples of in-demand jobs during this crisis are IT, health care workers, manufacturers, data center specialists, and construction workers.

If you are an owner or in a leadership position of these “essential” businesses, you have seen firsthand the spike in demand. The pressure to perform and succeed is at an all time high. Chances are you are having a hard time due to the surge of candidates available and finding the right people to add to your team. Keep in mind that rushing hiring efforts just to bulk up your staff isn’t a smart idea. It's of utmost importance to maintain recruitment requirements for top talent. Making a rush decision could lead to a bad hire and prove to be a lot more devastating if your employee were to jeopardize the fate of your business.

Below are some tips that are wise to remember when it comes to recruiting, especially during an economic shift.

1. Enlist assistance

Hiring a recruiting and staffing firm reduces any and all risk that comes with a surge of available candidates. At Drawbridge our goal is to eliminate risk to your bottom line. We have the resources and practices that find you a quality hand picked group of candidates that you can choose from. Even with stay at home orders we are able to filter through candidates and personally screen each individual to make sure that they fit all of your requirements, as well as being high performing contributors to your team.

2. Consider hiring on a part-time or contractual basis

If you need help now in the surge of demand but don’t want to commit to full-time employees this is a great alternative to fill your business’s immediate needs. Temporary/Contract workers will make up a large part of the U.S. workforce. This gives them the freedom to balance their personal and professional lives effectively. Some professionals are opting to work on a contractual basis out of necessity since there is less job security in the current market. Drawbridge provides contract and contract to hire services as a flexible option as you build or rebuild your team.

To support your growth, the Drawbridge team provides eager and ready-to-work contractors that fit your team culture to fill full-time, part-time or rotational schedules.

3. Continuity is a necessity

If you are considering a hiring freeze, be aware that you can’t run a company without people. Just like you never stop looking for clients, you should never stop looking for candidates either. Now is the time to capture as many good candidates as you can. Continuity ensures you will always have access to top talent and you’ll be ready when we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Partner with a firm that gets results

Drawbridge is a top tier recruiting firm that gets results. We believe that people are the foundation for any business. Our mission is to take the risk out of recruiting by providing exceptional candidates while helping those candidates realize their career goals. By focusing on a fit for your team's long and short term goals, we find key individuals who will complement your company culture and goals, while excelling in their day-to-day. Our unique approach to recruiting reduces risk by phone screening each candidate and placing an emphasis on face-to-face interviews in order to provide you with a hand-picked pool of candidates. Our candidate screening process includes performing reference checks, background checks, which increases the potential for them to fit on your

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