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  • Tim Kastle

Challenges that HR & Staffing Managers are Currently Facing

Finding the right people to hire is rapidly changing as the workforce shifts its response to our current economic situation. HR and staffing managers are constantly trying to stay ahead of the needs and makeup of the available workforce and face new difficulties.

Company Culture and Employee Health

Company culture and overall employee well-being are very important topics right now. They both directly contribute to productivity, engagement, and employee retention and they are a huge driver in the way people choose to work. More than a third of the workforce are looking for flexible work schedules and finding a company culture that suits their own beliefs.

HR and staffing reps need to focus on what’s most important to their employees and potential employees by focusing on health and cultural improvements, as well as changing management protocols to bring employees more flexibility.

Ever Changing Technology

As the workforce and flexible work environments continue to grow and management of workforces change, so do the technologies that keep everyone connected. It falls on staffing managers to keep up with these rapidly changing technologies and advocate for the best solution for their organization.


With new technologies inside and out of HR, businesses are able to be more efficient. The demand for productivity is bound to get higher within their staff, so HR professionals need to look for new ways to ensure their efficiency in their hourly and permanent staffing.

Multi-Generational Teams

Over a third of the current workforce is reaching retirement age, which means there will be a huge skills gap as Gen Z prepares to replace the retirees. HR needs to prepare managers to adapt their management style to meet the needs and expectations for every employee, no matter their age.

A New Type of Workforce

With permanent and temporary workforce growing continuously there will be a lot more overlap. Staffing managers need to gain a greater understanding of how to integrate these two types of workers and assist the managers i

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