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  • Tim Kastle

Why You Should Hire Remote Workers Instead of Going on a Hiring Freeze

During this pandemic we have all had to adjust to working remotely, but as our economy begins to reopen let’s take a look at the real need for office spaces. Here at Drawbridge we had the opportunity to not only expand our team during these trying times, but we hired all of them remotely.

Remote work seems to be the new normal. With COVID-19, so many companies have reevaluated the need for office spaces since their employees are performing better working at home than they did in the office. Big corporations like Facebook, Google, and Twitter have extended work from home until at least 2021. Twitter has given all of their employees the option to WFH forever. Working remotely may be a driver for a lot of potential employees.

Productivity is always a concern for employers when considering work from home options, when it really shouldn’t be. Employees perform just as well or better than they do in the office environment. The office wasn’t making them productive; it was their drive and willingness to put in the effort to get their work done. That doesn’t change with their work environment.

Hiring remote workers extends your talent pool substantially. Without the worry of productivity, remote workers can work for you no matter where they live. Here at Drawbridge we hired two great employees that don’t live in Colorado, yet they have helped our team succeed. We may not have found them if we limited ourselves to only local candidates. You can find incredible people for your team by hiring remotely with no conditions on where they live.

We know that right now might not be the best time to expand your team permanently, but if you need temporary positions filled, we can help you hire remotely for those positions. We want you to succeed and make sure that we find you the best candidates out there. Expanding your talent pool is always positive and we can ensure that we’ll find the right people for your company.

During this time, being on a hiring freeze can lead your company to being understaffed and stressed out economically. We can help with that. Remote workers save employers money and help relieve some of your stress. Here at Drawbridge we can find you the workers you need whether that’s locally or remotely.

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